Mr. P in Soho NYC// Featuring Nununu


 Without a doubt NYC is the mecca for fashion and style bar none.  Everywhere you turn you are ever being inspired. Whether the architeture, street art, delicious food wafting from the best bakeries and restaurants and of course the FASHION.

I am so lucky to be able to live close to NYC and be able to enjoy some of what this magical city has to offer. Mr.P loves having city adventures which of course include scooter riding through whatever neighborhood we are visiting.

We took this chance to try out one of the coolest brands out there for kids fashion,  architecture

This brand has been out for several years and we have been fans since P was about 4 years old. Their signature style is Urban cool with a rockstar vibe. Nununu has the best details is their garments, like the ever so cool thumb holes for when you get chilly, but don’t want to wear gloves, and the oh so fly distressed look on the harem style joggers, al la Kayne West’s iconic fashion line Yeezy. Really Love it! Secretly what I love about the line is while its for both girls and boys , its really fab for slightly older babes, who are starting to harness their own personal style identity and want to really look “Cool” .

My little Prince is becoming a big kid and while I will still take advantage and sneak in a fuzzy jumper or furry jacket here and there, he is really starting to say things like “mom that is NOT cool” Ha! I really love that Nununu hits all the high points for a Uber cool brand. Quality, comfort and that cool factor that both kids and parents dig!

We finished off the look with out fav brand for fab hats (which a topper is always apart of Mr.P’s look), and our new fav kicks from Go Plae

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The Prince wears:

Nununu Hoodie, joggers via,

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