Spingtime Fashion Vibes with Melijoe Paris

Fashion like many other things may be deemed ” non essential” these days. I get that 100%. Mr.P and I like many other kid fashion bloggers, stylist, designers, photographers and the like are trying to find footing in all of this. ” I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes, its about all kinds of change” Karl Lagerfeld

In an instant we can decide to have moments where we take a time out from our daily news reading, homeschooling, and indulge in some simple pleasures. Kids fashion is ours. One of our favorite online retailers for many years is Melijoe Paris . They are continuing to work harder than ever, delivering a gorgeous selection of top brands with care. While spending time home with family you can still look amazing, Whether staging a “stay-cation” or an impromptu fashion show- just have fun!

I have to say writing a fashion blog didn’t seem necessary a few weeks ago. So many uncertainties looming in my head and heart as I listen and read the News daily. Almost Hourly. The world is at its knees, I feel a bit helpless in it all.

Something shifted for me a few days ago. Mr.P had said he was also sad and depressed and right then I thought that I had to work harder to change that ( for my little family unit at least). I do believe that positivity can have a huge impact, we all need to be uplifted and feel that collective strength.

I feel compelled to share some NYC Springtime beauty with my community, we will get through this. My prayer that Is that we come away with a better sense of awareness about who we are and how we live in this world.

This gorgeous look by Melijoe Paris

Mr.P and I are sending warm hugs during this time. Be safe and well friends

BTW~ Melijoe Paris has a wonderful mid-season sale! Up to 50% off

x until next blog

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