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Mr.P and I are always game for a trip to NY. To be honest I’m always torn between wanting to live there full time or be content with just a visit once in a while. It’s really fun being to explore NYC with P and relive my childhood of running all over the city with my mom!

Part two of our city adventure was hitting the streets in these gorgeous Burberry trousers and neon Balenciaga speeds from London based shop Childrensalon. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the store for the past two years. I am always amazed on much the children’s fashion industry has evolved and how Childrensalon has stayed ahead of the curve and brings the best brands so your littles can stay stylish!

These pants were a huge hit in P’s street style look. They are part of a two piece suit but we decided to make the look more casual and paired it with a Adidas tee and these ah-mazing Balenciaga trainers. I about died when I saw them in person. They are so perfect and make any outfit come alive!

Its hard to find P without his XO sunnies. They have become part of his style just like his cool hats!

The  fun part about being fashion bloggers is serving as a guide. To show how you can be fearless while having a ton of fun when styling your babes.  Fashion can be seen as frivolous, and at the end of the day children don’t “need” to wear fancy clothing.  At the same time it makes such a bold statement on dressing for what/who you think you are and will become. P and I want to show how you can use fashion to have fun in this crazy but very beautiful and inspiring world. I hope to give Mr.P the idea that the world is his and to make the most out of life. And looking fly while on the journey is totally ok too!

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Mr.P’s fit:

Pants+Shoes via: Childrensalon

Tee: Addidas

Hat: Fallen Broken Street

Sunglasses:  sons+daughters



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