Aquarium Vibes| featuring Rockets of Awesome

Happy Summer friends!

Today was a very exciting day for Mr. P.

Dare I say even more special than a trip for ice cream and pizza. We had the amazing opportunity to visit the GA aquarium and team up with cool kids brand Rockets of Awesome.

We received our subscribtion box of goodies from ROA recently ,just in time for  our summer adventures.  Such a fun + no hassle  way to get kids excited about their clothes. Rockets of Awesome curates a unique selection of pieces (8) based on the Childs preferences. How do they know what my kid likes you may wonder? The process goes something like this:

you and your babe(s) take a quiz, which they ask things like what colors do they like to wear,  general style swag ie: casual, sporty or mr./miss cool and if stripes are a absolute no no.  After P took the quiz  we arrived at this awesome outfit he chose to wear for his special day at the Aquarium. The Shark tee is really the coolest and glow in the dark! The fabrics are uber soft and perfect for running around checking out the fantastic ocean exhibits.

The pricing is very reasonable and the quality is excellent. I can see P getting to use these pieces throughout the summer. You can really customize your box and get the most OMG worthy items for your little.

Fuss free shopping for the kids, no busy malls, which as a busy parent is a HUGE bonus! That means I get to spend more time doing all of the summer activities with my prince 🙂

He had the best time! Anyone who knows him can tell you that he is most happy when he gets to spend time in nature and seeing animals.

Check out ROA here and get started with the most Awesome shopping experience!

P.S (shipping is totally free) !

Until 6/30 use code Keira for 20% your first box!



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