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Faux Fur is Life|

Hope everyones New Year is off to a great start. The past month has been bonkers with work and homeschool so a break from our Instagram page and le blog was in order. P and I have reset, got in tune with our inner light and we’re ready to return refreshed and with new perspective. We are so excited to be back with a look featuring a fresh design from Sew Knot Bias.

There is no better way to take an outfit to a ten than to pop on a faux fur. They are next level fabulous and of course block out the chill during cooler weather. Mr.P is a massive fan of faux fur, or fun fur as he calls it. We adore the fuzzy faux fur styles from Bobo Choses and Stella MCcartney.

This all black number has my heart and will definitely be in heavy rotation this winter. With this look we are channeling our usual  mix of Pharrell Williams , Kayne West with a dash of Ian Connor for good measure. If you ask me any kiddo would look amazing in one of these jackets, which by the way can be fashioned into any color (to suit any mood). The Prince is coming for all the Style Vibes in 2018!

I have decided that instead of saying the usual “I wish this came in my size”, I would just start twinning more with my mini style muse. I can’t let him have all the fun. Ha!  I’d happily trade my last year’s fashions for a chance to glow up next to P!

Until then let’s marvel at these gorgeous pieces that can work from playground to the news stand.

P went full on super rock star and wore his golden light up POP Shoes. I swear this kid gets stopped by admirers everywhere we go! I feel like I am his personal mama-razi/ bodyguard. The usual questions go something like “Who is this stylish young man, and Why is he so fancy”? There is absolutely no reason at all to wait for an occasion to be “fancy”. Everyday is a good day to throw on a faux fur and golden kicks and be the best you on the planet. Life is too short, so be as God created!

*** For the ultimate in statement wear check out LA based @sew.knot.basis and see what all the buzz is about!

Hope you enjoy this feature and see you soon fam!

much love,



Yeah P’s studying up on the latest style trends ( I see a magazine cover in his future)





Jacket, Sew Knot Bias

Overalls, Mini Rodini

Jumper, Someday Soon

Gold Kicks, Pop Shoes


Images Shot with a Minolta Legacy lens | 50mm

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