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Faux Fur Fun

It’s no surprise that this amazing Bobo Choses faux fur has found a new home. Rightfully so as its the equal parts  quirky and fabulous. I have zero problems with print mixing and using fashion as a way to express the child’s individual personality. I tend to not do the traditional “dress up your little man ” looks on P. Which to me always seem include polo shirts and ties. Well I am not totally opposed to a smart dress shirt and bow tie, but for everyday clothing we like to keep it fun and funky!

I love it when the fashion doesn’t take over the child and allows them to express themselves freely. I know its all very glam and over the top, but we are doing/being what speaks to our soul. My belief is that we are here to express outwardly what we hold deep within!

Believe me when I say that Mr.P has Personality to spare! I often get asked if he likes to dress up and most importantly if he likes taking photos, and the answer to both is YES! We really have lots of fun, and he loves preforming for the camera.

We absolutely love Mini Model Gallery, as it’s just the place to procure all things cool in the children’s fashion world, like this beyond fab faux fur and walking tables top from the AW16′ How to Disappear collection.  They carry all the brands for the cool modern babe and their fashion forward parents.

Minimodel Gallery is kindly offering readers %15 off shop-wide with code : stylingtheprince15


Happy Shopping and Happy Friday!


Mr.P +Keira x



The serious stare is no joke!


Is this a good outfit for the playground, or does he look like he is going to a music awards show?




Do you think I am cute? Yes or No


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Bobo Choses Faux Fur & Walking table tee | MiniModel Gallery

Printed Cap |  Vimma Company

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