The Prince visits the Animal Sanctuary



The Prince and I say happy fall to all of my northern hemisphere friends. Its been a really fun past couple of weeks enjoying all the beauty that Upstate NY has to offer. Sometimes the most beautiful things are not fancy at all. My sweet boy can find something interesting under a rock or a pile of leaves. We spent this particular fall day pretty much doing just that. Climbing, jumping, leaving no stone unturned. Not really concerned about time, holding space with nature and creating memories with my Prince. Our time together has been really special as I have decided to home -school. It gives us time to grow as mother and son, as well as strengthen our bond.

The Animal Sanctuary  was the perfect place to try out some new pieces from a few of our fav brands. Plae shoes is a brand that really makes some of the best kicks for kiddos. They are super durable and completely breathable which is so important during play. They are machine washable also! Total win! Love love!

He loves his oh so stylish baggy trousers from Kid+Kind and I love the mama who creates these wonderful pieces that allows your babes to have comfort and freedom of movement. I always say that fashion is not just about looking good. Function is just as important as form. I swear on my momma,  if its not comfy, not matter how dope it looks, the Prince is not having it!

We love the kids fashion world so much and want to showcase the best in kids fashion brands. The focus is that these brands allow kids to be who they are :Expressive, Creative, Curious, Fun and LOUD.

Hope everyone is well, and hope you enjoy our sweet forest adventure at the animal Sanctuary.

Much love x







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Shoes for an Active Prince


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